13 Effective Tips for Staging Your House and Getting Full Price Offers from GoPremierOne.com

The key to getting your selling price when your home is on the market is making it irresistible to potential buyers. Getting the buyers emotionally connected is key, because once you do this, they will do anything to not lose the house to another potential buyer.
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Premier One a “premier” listing site for homes for sale in Charleston SC says consider these 13 staging tips for selling your house fast and for the full selling price.

1. Start by clearing out the clutter before the house is even listed. The more you can haul to storage now, the roomier the house will look.

2. Take down pictures of the family and replace with neutral images that allow the potential buyers to feel more at home.

3. Call a landscaping company to increase the curb appeal by trimming trees, clipping hedges, cutting the grass, and mulching the flower beds.

4. Rent a power washer and give that fence, driveway, sidewalk, gutters, and patio area new life. That deck that has turned green from algae growth will have new life after you run the power washer over it a few times.

5. Wash the inside and the outside of every window in the house. Buyers will be walking in every room and checking out the view too.

6. Repair anything that is not working properly so that the buyer can not use those as bargaining chips to get a lower price.

7. Hire a cleaning company to clean the carpeting, upholstery, shower tiles, floors, and curtains. the key here is making it look like a model house you see when a new neighborhood is being built.

8. Take the family and disappear if a buyer wants to come by with their realtor. Put the dog in a crate in the garage or take with you, the buyer must have free reign without feeling like they are rushed.

9. Open all the curtains and blinds and turn on all the lights if anyone wants to see the house.

10. Clean out your closets so they are roomier. Donate clothing you don’t wear to Good Will.

11. During the open house, have the realtor bake cookies, have soft music playing, and place fresh flowers on the table.

12. Clean out the garage, keep stuff in a shed so they can imagine their cars in the garage.

13. Vacuum each room before the buyers arrive, make the house look like it is in mint condition.

Now that you know how, get started today and get the ball rolling so you can outsell those similar houses in your neighborhood.