Content Marketing Tips for Engaging Visitors

on page seoIf you want to increase the interaction on your website and get more sales, then you have to focus on content marketing. The basic idea here is that you have to become a better story teller. Most visitors to your site want to be spoon-fed information, because if your content is all about long articles, they are going to scan and disappear faster than you know. There is an abundance of information on any subject online, so today the visitors want to get that information in a way that is fun and compelling.

Charleston SEO leaders at say that the following information will show you how to become the story teller that they become to trust and rely on for their information.

The key to content marketing is client engagement, and nothing is quite as engaging these days as videos. YouTube is not only one of the most popular sites, people are watching more videos longer today than ever before. If that is what the people want, then you have to give it to them. There may be plenty of articles on your website on how to screen print a color shirt, now you have to show them. Placing a video on that page will allow the visitor to get exactly what they need, and if they have questions, they can use the article content as a reference. Usually the video will suffice and provide them more than enough information.

Polls and surveys are a great way to get the customer to interact with your content while getting a feel for what they really need. If your polls are designed in a way that help to improve the over experience, you can use the results in a way to improve your website design and future visitor experience. This will give the visitor the feel that someone is listening to them and will allow them to come back and see the improvement s that they were a huge part of implementing.

Online seminars are huge these days, allowing your visitors to come back to your website at predetermined times to gather more information about a certain subject. These should not be used to push your products, the key here is giving information that will help the customer. Sprinkle in just a little at the end about getting more information by taking certain action, and you will get the desired results more easily.

The key to content marketing is giving the visitor more for less in a way that they can easily relate.